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Why Bursa is worth visiting?

Are you looking for a daily trip destination close to Istanbul? If yes, Bursa is the answer!  As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bursa is full of popular tourist attractions such as mosques, madrasas, tombs and historical complexes. Our daily trip starts form your hotel or any address given in Istanbul. To not loose time on the road we use toll highways and Osmangazi toll bridge. That way, reaching Bursa takes only 2 hours. Rest of the day is all yours for discovering the old capital of the Ottoman Empire.

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Daily Bursa Trip Details:

Bursa City where 3 million people are living today was one of the most important capitals of  Ottoman Empire. That’s why the city is a favorite destination for the ones who enjoy history. 

Some of the top places to visit in Bursa are as follows:

Tombs of the first sultans: Osman Gazi & Orhan Gazi tombs, Grand Mosque of BursaKoza InnCoppersmith BazaarGrand BazaarBursa CastleGreen Mosque & Mausoleum, Cumalıkızık Village, Old Tree (ulucinar). It is also possible to use the Cable Car for reaching the top of Uludag Mountain from city center.

Depending on your preferences the trip itinerary may be modified as requested


Grand Mosque of Bursa

Built in th 14th century during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Beyazit I, Grand Mosque of Bursa  is more than 600 years old, has 20 domes and 2 minarets and considered as one of the most fascinating buildings of Islam religion.

The mosque is famous with the calligraphy art works on the interior walls. Roughly 200 wall inscriptions can be seen inside the mosque. those works of art include hadiths, names of Allah, names of Mohammed the Prophet and passages from Quran.

Grand Mosque

Green Mosque

Green mosque is constructed by the order of Sultan Mehmet I in the beginning of 15th century as a complex. The complex consists of tombs, madrasa, kitchen and bath. The name “Green Mosque” comes from the green and blue tiles on interior walls of the mosque. As an early example of Ottoman architecture the Green Mosque is one of the popular tourist destinations located in Bursa.

bursa green mosque
Green Mosque

Koza Inn

The inn was built in the 15th century during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II. The purpose of theinn was to create a finance source for other going on constructions that are located in Istanbul.

The inn has a total of 95 rooms distributed to two floors. In the center of the main courtyard there is a small mosque (masjid) with it’s ablution fountain underneath. 

Today the rooms of the inn are used a stores that you can find fine examples of sericulture products (items made of silk) which are one of the main income sources of Bursa City.

Koza Inn

Old Bazaars of Bursa

Located all together in the Bursa City center, bazaars are very popular among the travelers who like to shop traditional items and feel the historical atmosphere of the city. 

Most important ones are as follows:

  • Grand Bazaar
  • Long Bazaar
  • Coppersmiths Bazaar
Bursa Bazaars Area

Muradiye Complex

Muradiye Complex was comissioned by Sultan Murat II in 15th century. The complex consists of Muradiye Mosque, Muradiye Madrasa, Muradiye Bath, Muradiye Hospice, a fountain, and several tombs including the one of Sultan Murat II.

Today, the madrasa is used for exhibitions of items with religious value. 

Muradiye Complex

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