Why Transfergenius?

The truth about taxi alternatives in Turkey.

Based on the figures, each year Turkey becomes more and more popular among the travelers worldwide. In 2019 more than 13 million tourists visited Istanbul city. Antalya, another very popular travel destination in Turkey, hosted again more than 13 million visitors. Although Turkey benefits from such a big jump in tourism industry, hosting big crowds of tourists has it’s own challenges such as transportation, accommodation and safety. We want to provide more info on the transportation issue and offer a better solution for you answering the question “why transfergenius?”

popular tourist destinations in Turkey

Istanbul (IST) and Sabiha Gokcen (SAW) airports in Istanbul, Antalya (AYT) airport in Antalya are the main bottlenecks of the tourism related transportation issue as they are the primary arrival points of the visitors. Nonexistence of railways and lack of public transportation options in the airports obligate the visitors to look for alternative ways to reach their hotels or Airbnb’s.

istanbul traffic jam

The first option that comes to mind for an airport transfer is of course a yellow cab. But is this the best option? According to the data of Istanbul municipality, the amount of complaints filed against yellow cabs in 2019 is 180.000.

Despite the service quality, the physical limitations of the vehicles are another problem for yellow cab users. Due to the economical concerns, middle sized, affordable cars are generally converted to regular (yellow) taxis in Turkey. Most of the time, those vehicles are also equipped with in-trunk LPG tanks that occupy half of the trunk. Yes! LPG is very popular among yellow cabs in Turkey as it is a cheaper alternative to fuel or diesel. The limited trunk space combined with the car being already middle sized and of mediocre quality make the yellow cabs not a very good alternative for the travelers who need space for their luggage or pay attention to comfort.

Although the above mentioned facts look quite pessimistic, please note that you have another, much more reliable, comfortable and safe option. That’s a minivan! But not a regular minivan that you have seen before. Spacious enough to accommodate easily 8 passengers and to carry at least 6 full size luggage. Specially designed minivans are the best option for the travelers who want to turn their airport transfer to a hassle free and comfy ride.    

Do not forget that the transfergenius offers more than a transportation service. Meet & Greet in the airport, free of charge bottled water, snacks, child seat, and Wi-Fi are just some of the benefits of Transfergenius guests. Tips about what to see, where to go and what to eat in the city. General info about tourist attractions and a friendly conversation are for granted with Transfergenius.

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